Women’s Fashion


Drawstring bag
Selections of colours and prints available


Scarf worn to cover neck and upper bodice. You were not considered dressed without one.

Bib Apron

This apron will protect your dress from the dirty work around the camp fire.

Bib Apron

Regency Apron

This apron has shoulder straps and closes at the back with two draw strings. Complete coverage to protect clothes.


Dresses are made of pre washed cottons and linens. We carry a variety of colours and patterns. They are made to order but there is a selection available in stock to choose from.

There are three styles to choose from:

  1. Size 6-16 has a two drawstring closure

 2. All sizes available – a six button closure on the back two draw strings

3. All sizes available – a bib front[/threecol_one]

Dressess $100.00 and up
Dress and spencer $150.00 and up
Dress and spencer – overdress $175.00

Underskirt Petticoat


Chemise (shift)

Available in full length or mid calf.
Cotton                                       $40.00
Linen                                          $75.00
Sleeveless – cotton           $75.00

Women’s Coats 

Coats come in all sizes and colours.

Short Gown

All sizes

Regency Short Gown

all sizes


A wide selection of colours are available are in stock.
Or you choose the colour and material (Custom order)


Very fitted full length coat
with a front closure
tin buttons

$150.00 and up


One size ( large) with a removable hood.
Variety of colours available